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  • Brain Supplements For Alzheimers

    Brain Supplements For Alzheimers

    WebMD discusses the research on brain exercises that may help memory and help manage dementia. These 5 Supplements Do Nothing for Alzheimer's, Despite Claims – Feb 24, 2015. Despite promising claims, popular supplements people take to ward off Alzheimer's don't […]

  • Brain Medication For Alzheimers

    Brain Medication For Alzheimers

    While the already-approved Aricept and Namenda medications have shown promise for temporarily easing symptoms, what’s desperately needed are treatments that will reverse or prevent the brain decline produced by Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer's: Drugs help manage symptoms – Mayo Clinic – Jul […]

  • Brain Supplements To Prevent Alzheimers

    Brain Supplements To Prevent Alzheimers

    May 30, 2012. Here, Dr. Oz and renowned neurologist Dr. Majid Fotuhi reveal their memory cure – a plan to help you prevent Alzheimer's in just five simple steps. Brain Booster 1: DHA Supplement. If you're only going to take […]